Why ABP Tactical Pens?

A prepared individual is ready for any situation, and being prepared means being equipped with the best. ABP Tactical employs the best designs for tactical pens, incorporating the best materials to ensure that each purchase will satisfy to the fullest, and prepare you to tackle life's obstacles. All of our tactical items are constructed for ease of use, and practicality. You may not need tactical gear every day, but you’ll have a certain comfort as you embark on your daily tasks with ABP Tactical gear at your side. Being prepared, means equipping yourself with ABP Tactical.

ABP Tactical is a tactical equipment company based right here in the United States. From tactical pens to tactical shovels, we’re the exclusive distributor of tactical gear that would not normally be available to the general public. ABP Tactical gear is the epitome of discretion. An ABP Tactical Pen can be safely carried into virtually any situation. In fact, the pens were originally designed for use by undercover agents in the field. Of course, our pens are also excellent writing utensils that can write in multiple weather conditions.





Tactical Pen Reviews

Yesterday at 6:31 am
Houston, TX

"Got everything and all is good, thanks. Using it on duty as we speak. Best pen I have had in 33 years as a police officer!!!!!"

Tactical Pen Reviews

Yesterday at 7:56 am
Phoenix, AZ

"I am quite favorably impressed with your order and shipping process. Very nice. I'm also pleased with my pen. It feels like it is nicely finished, it is smooth and functions as advertised."

Tactical Pen Reviews

Yesterday at 8:02 am
New York, NY

"I bought one of these. Great pen. Nice weight to it. I use the tip for all kinds of things. Opening boxes, breaking tape seals, tearing, marking wood, etc"

Tactical Pen Reviews

Yesterday at 11:12 am
Portland, OR

"I got them today thanks they are bad ass looking pens. Will be getting more very soon. And that's the fastest I have ever got anything I ordered online to good work on your part."

Tactical Pen Reviews

Yesterday at 5:31 pm
Scottsdale, AZ

"Got my pen thanks. They are nice and write nice. Wife loves the pink 1. She will be using it a lot she's a nurse"

Tactical Pen Reviews

Today at 12:01 am
Brooklyn, NY

"To be honest, your pen has most if not all the functions. So having the ability to be able to choose whatever ink cartridge they want will definitely make sells go thru the roof. I love your product."


Today at 1:03 am
Armadillo, TX

"This is seriously the best pen I’ve had in the I've been on the force. The whole department has ordered some and they all love it too. Thanks guys for all you do."


Today at 1:08 am
Boston, Ma

"ABP tactical is one of the few companies I will buy from. They respond to my questions quickly, and their products are great."


Today at 1:39 am
Washington, DC

"Great pen and awesome customer service from these guys! Your pens are going to be great stocking stuffers this year"

The Best Tactical Pens For Self Defense, Survival Or Combat Use

When disaster strikes, you don’t always have time to think. You only have time to act. That’s why our tactical pens come equipped with shatter-proof steel tips, diamond threading, and a glassbreaker. Many of our customers leave a pen in their vehicle’s glovebox. Others use it as a self defense pen. Military personnel have even told us that they’ve used the ABP Tactical Pen as a combat pen. Ideally, you’ll never need to use it for more than writing, but it’s always best to be prepared.

Or, equip yourself with the ultimate wilderness and camping tool, the ABP Tactical Shovel. Featuring over a dozen different tools in one, the ABP Tactical Shovel contains everything from a rope cutter to fishing equipment. Whether you’re going camping or in a survival situation, the ABP Tactical Shovel could be the difference between life and death.

Smart individuals prepare for the unexpected. Being prepared means equipping yourself with the tools you need before you need them. Buy ABP Tactical gear today to prepare yourself for any situation in any environment.