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Common Survival Myths

I have been living and reading about survival and prepping for the better part of my life. From the time I read “My Side of the Mountain” (about 40 years ago) I have wanted to run away and live in the wilderness.

In all that time I have come across some bazaar and downright wrong ideas of how to prep and survive. I have a book in my library that actually says the best survival footwear is cowboy boots since that is what Clint Eastwood wore in Outlaw Josey Wales. While probably tongue-in-cheek it was not clear if the author was kidding or not.

Here are some common myths.

Moss Grows on the North side of the Tree

I will say this, in some places I have been this is absolutely true but on the other side of the mountain it wasn’t. I have seen moss or lichen growing on all sides of a tree. In many places it will grow predominately on the north side but you can’t count on it.


Food is Important

Ask someone off the street what is the first thing they would do if lost and 90+% will tell you “Look for something to eat.”

Most people who die in the wilderness die of exposure. The next most will die of dehydration. Food is way down on the list of things you need to worry about in the wilderness.


I’ll hunt for Food in an Emergency

People prepping for a long term disruption sometimes plan on hunting for all their food. Hunting may help a bit but it is a very inefficient method of collecting game. Fishing (with set lines) and trapping are much more efficient. You can carry a gun and hunt while you are checking your trap and fish lines and might get lucky, but hunting itself will not cut it when everyone else is out there trying the same thing.


All a Prepper needs is Guns and Ammo

There are those in the prepper community whose only plan is to stock up on guns and ammo. When the balloon goes up they plan on taking what they want from others, because of course they are armed.

One thing I have learned is that no matter how tough or skilled you may be, there is always someone out there better. This kind off plan is what gives preppers a bad name, not to mention these kind of people will be lying dead in a ditch somewhere, it is only a matter of time.

In prepping as with most things, common sense reigns. Research good information for yourself, practice the skills and make your own informed plans.

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