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Everything You Need to Know About Ultimate Pens And Why They’re So Popular

Ultimate pens have been making headlines across the internet these past few months. Since 2016 and into 2017, ultimate pen sales have exploded across the internet.

What’s the big deal behind a ultimate pen? What makes it superior to an ordinary pen? Can you really justify the cost of your ultimate pen? Today, we’re explaining the most important things you need to know about ultimate pens.

ultimate pen History: Where Did They Come From?

ultimate pens are typically traced back to a Japanese man named Soke Takayuki Kubota, who invented a survival keychain weapon in the 1960s. He called the weapon a Kubotan. It was a pen-shaped object that could easily be placed onto a keychain to give you a discreet weapon in times of need. The Kubotan featured several finger grips along the cylinder along with a flat end at one side (the keychain side) and a tapered, dull point on the other. In the hands of the right user, the Kubotan could do serious damage.

Today, Kubotans are a popular discreet weapon carried by people around the world. You can easily fit it into a pocket or on your keychain. With a few minutes of research on YouTube, you can learn techniques that would incapacitate an attacker.

The modern ultimate pen was inspired by the Kubotan.

What is a ultimate pen?

A ultimate pen is a writing instrument with combat-oriented features. Typically, ultimate pens have a heavier weight than ordinary pens. They’re also designed with superior durability. They’re built to withstand physical contact say, if you swing a ultimate pen at an attacker’s head.

Essentially, a ultimate pen is a Kubotan-like object disguised as a pen. An ordinary, cheap pen is made from plastic. A ultimate pen, like a Kubotan, is made from hardened metal. While a Kubotan has finger grips, ultimate pens are typically more discreet, and have ridged handles for superior grip.

One end of a ultimate pen features the writing instrument typically, a ballpoint tip. The other end of the pen features a hardened, rounded tip similar to the tip of a Kubotan. 

Why Do You Need a ultimate pen?

Obviously, a ultimate pen is something you can write with. Some ultimate pens even advertise waterproof writing as a feature.

First and foremost, however, a ultimate pen is used for self-defense. The pen is designed to be carried into situations where conventional weaponry – even a Kubotan – would not be ideal. It’s designed to penetrate and injure, to puncture and incapacitate.

You don’t need to be a martial arts master to use a ultimate pen: when used by a skilled individual, a ultimate pen is a dangerous – even deadly – weapon. However, when used by an untrained or lightly-trained individual, a ultimate pen can still cause damage.

Of course, ultimate pens aren’t just self-defense tools. ultimate pens can also be used to break glass. Some people keep them in the glove box of their vehicle for emergency situations, for example. Some ultimate pens even have DNA collection features!

Why Are ultimate pens Suddenly So Popular?

Today, the internet is home to burgeoning survivalist communities. Survivalists are some of the biggest fans of ultimate pens. However, ultimate pens are also being purchased by anyone interested in self-defense – like those who live in rough neighborhoods.

ultimate pens are also popular among those who need to frequently access controlled environments like airports. In certain situations, conventional weapons, even a Kubotan are not permitted.

The biggest reason why ultimate pens are popular on the internet these days, however, is because they’re reasonably priced. Lower manufacturing costs, lower supply costs, and easy worldwide shipping have made it affordable for anyone to order a ultimate pen online even for as little as $10 to $20.

For all of these reasons, ultimate pens will likely only grow in popularity over the next few years!

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