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Surviving a Natural Disaster

No matter where you live you are at risk for some type of natural disaster. It your job to find out what is common (or maybe even uncommon) in your area and prepare for it.


When something happens you will need shelter. Your first job will be to determine if your home is safe for you to occupy. Is there gas leaking? Are there power lines down?

Is your home structurally sound?

You don’t want to survival a natural disaster only to have your home kill you afterward.


Water is very important in a disaster. Besides drinking you will need it for basic hygiene. Staying clean is very important in the aftermath of a disaster. A cut you get at normal times may be nothing, but in a dirty environment where it is ignored can lead to loss of a limb or even death.


Having a way to keep current on local (and maybe national) news is also important. The government with all its problems still tries to help its citizens on occasion. A wind-up portable radio will let you know what is going on in your area. They will tell you if there are any relief efforts going on, and give instructions for receiving any help you might need.


In any disaster there is always the seedier element that will try to take advantage of the situation to rip people off. They may even try to take your supplies by force. You will need to make preparations to stop them. Thinking this through ahead of time is the best thing. You will want to know how you will respond to this situation if it should arise.


Some preppers are so anti-government that they will refuse to take any help at all. That is not the best plan. If you are well fed and everyone knows you are not taking any help they will know you have supplies stashed away. As long as there is help available it is a good plan to take it along with everyone else and save your supplies for if/when the help runs out.

Natural disasters are exactly what most preppers are preparing for, but everyone faces a different situation, so no two preppers prepare exactly alike. Take your time and plan for what you face not what some “expert” says you need to prep for.

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