I submitted my order yesterday, but I used my parent's address, can I still change the ship to address?

Our world class customer service team is always prepared to help in any way we can. We will check the status of your order and if it hasn’t shipped, we can make the changes you need.

You are shipping this via standard ground, but this is a gift, and I need it sooner. Can I upgrade to express service if I pay the extra fee?

We offer standard ground on all purchases. If you need it sooner we are happy to accommodate your needs. We will denote your account once the updated shipping service is applied so you are charged accordingly and make sure your account reflects your preference for next day shipping the next time you order with us.

Can you please give me an ETA for my delivery?

Once we process your order, we'll email you  a tracking number that will enable you to check your estimated delivery date.

I sent you feedback and suggested some improvements that could make your website better, but I haven’t seen the changes yet. How come?

We appreciate your input. We recognize that if our customers aren’t satisfied, we need to step up. If changes are suggested, and are suitable, we will make them as soon as possible. We may postpone making changes  so that we can minimize down times for the convenience of all our customers.

I would like to order multiple quantities of pens and flashlights for all my company vehicles, do you offer a discount for bulk orders?

Many of our valued customer asked for this type of discount. We are happy to announce that we now offer such discounts for specific quantities. Please check out our online catalog for these great offers.

Do you offer any colors, other than black?

We have a limited supply of pink, bronze, and silver in addition to our existing black pens. Please check out our online catalog for specific colors. Please be aware that our supplies on these new colors are limited and will be sold on a first come basis.

Do you sell your pens with blue ink?

All of our pens, tactical and survival, come with black ink. We do not offer blue ink. Parker style refills, with the Parker adapter work fine in our pen line.

What is the best type of refill to use for the pens?

We recommend two refill types that work best with your ABP Tactical pens. Parker style, and Fisher Space refills have been tested in our pens and work splendidly.

Will my ABP Survival or Tactical pen pass through airport security?

We have not received any negative feedback from any of our clients about security issues. That being said, we live in an ever changing world, where the political climate can change on short notice. It is best to check the TSA or airline specific website for any changes or updates. Our best practice has been keeping our pens in carry-on luggage or laptop bags.

I purchased my pen last week, and I am unhappy. Can I return it?

Absolutely, we have a 30 day money back guarantee, shipping is not included. If you are unhappy and would like to return it, you certainly may.

Do you offer military discounts?

Yes we do. ABP Tactical is proud of the service our military provides for this great nation. Contact our customer service department for the current discount code.

How do I know when the writing tip is fully employed?

The action should respond with a single half turn. When you twist it to deploy, you will feel it lock into place. DO NOT OVER TWIST.

How do I change the refill?

The refill changes out easily. You will twist counter clockwise until the feeder is removed from the barrel. It should take about six full turns to unscrew the barrel from the cap.

What uses does the Tactical pen have?

The sharp end is for breaking glass. It will also break ceramic tile, open boxes and open plastic seals. It serves as a bottle opener, and the diamond grip can be utilized as a file. Our customers have found a wide variety of uses for the pen from everyday writing instrument to emergency tactical tool.

How do I use it to break glass?

The greatest advantage our Tactical pen employs is the ability to break glass. Even tempered glass like your windshield. In the event that you need to break out a windshield, deploy the glass breaker tip with a half turn. Wrap a shirt, or jacket around your hand leaving the tip exposed for action. With a backhand motion, aiming squarely for the middle of the windshield, thrust the pen into the glass with force. If you are doing this in a real life event, make sure that you commit the action fully. In a submerged vehicle, the pressure from the incoming water will be intense, combined with the glass.

Can I write upside down like a space pen with the Tactical or survival pen?

The ink cartridge included with your purchase can not. But both models were designed to utilize any parker style refill. This ink cartridge will operate in zero gravity, underwater, on wet and greasy paper, upside down, and in a wide range of temperatures.