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ABP Tactical Shovel
ABP Tactical Shovel
ABP Tactical Shovel
ABP Tactical

ABP Tactical Shovel

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It contains the following tools: Compass, magnesium rod, shovel handle, screwdriver, harpoon, fish descaler, bottle opener, rope cutter, hex wrench, ruler, emergency hammer, glass breaker, multi functional knife, saw and shovel head. It functions as a Shovel, Hoe, Saw, Hook, Hammer or to Hack things down!

Material: Aluminum Alloy, 3CR13

Surface: Oxidation Treatment

Total Length: 29 Inches Fully Extended

Folded Dimention: 6.5in x 5.1in x 0.1in

Weight: 2.3 pounds

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Customer Testimonials

William K.
Yesterday at 6:31 AM
Houston, TX

"Got everything and all is good, thanks. Using it on duty as we speak. Best pen I have had in 33 years as a police officer!!!!!"

Andrei M.
Yesterday at 7:56 AM
Phoenix, AZ

"I am quite favorably impressed with your order and shipping process. Very nice. I'm also pleased with my pen. It feels like it is nicely finished, it is smooth and functions as advertised."

Jason D.
Yesterday at 5:31 PM
Scottsdale, AZ

"Got my pen thanks. They are nice and write nice. Wife loves the pink 1. She will be using it a lot she's a nurse."

John G.
Yesterday at 12:01
Brooklyn, NY

"To be honest, your pen has most if not all the functions. So having the ability to be able to choose whatever ink cartridge they want will definitely make sells go thru the roof. I love your product."

Marty B.
Yesterday at 8:02 AM
Houston, TX

"I bought one of these. Great pen. Nice weight to it. I use the tip for all kinds of things. Opening boxes, breaking tape seals, tearing, marking wood, etc."

James S.
Yesterday at 11:12 AM
Portland, OR

"I got them today thanks they are bad ass looking pens. Will be getting more very soon. And that's the fastest I have ever got anything I ordered online to good work on your part."

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Customer Reviews

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chip havard

Chip H

Yesterday at 1:39 AM Washington, DC

I am blown away!

I just received ABP's Tactical shovel that I won, and I am blown away. Great tool to add to a vehicle, pack, your belt, weighing in at about 2 lbs, the tools included in the handle are invaluable, great add to anybody's outdoor gear, tons of uses. I have a number of your pens which are also top notch ! Another must have ! Thanks for the awesome products, I look forward to seeing more.


Chirs D

Yesterday at 1:08 AM Boston, MA

I am very impressed!

I just got my new shovel! I am very impressed. I am sure you will be getting some orders in the near future after i finish showing her off. Time to see how strong she is 🙂


Dennis R

Yesterday at 1:39 AM Amarillo, TX

I just got your shovel. That thing is bad ass. I'll be getting a couple more. Quality product.


George T

Yesterday at 12:01 PM Brooklyn, NY

I am so impressed with your products and you customer service.

I wanted to send a quick note letting you know how impressed I am with your products. This was my second purchase and I am so impressed with your products and you customer service. Thank you again and I look forward to future purchases!


Glenn S

Yesterday at 5:31 PM Scottsdale, AZ

I got her today and she’s gorgeous.


Hugh M

Yesterday at 1:39 AM Washington, DC

It’s a great tool for camping

I gave it to my friend Jeff yesterday when he came to help us with some yard work. He thinks it’s a great tool for camping, and having in his truck for many uses. Glad I took advantage of your generous offer.


John G

Yesterday at 1:08 AM Boston, MA

I received the shovel (very cool)!


Steven C

Yesterday at 12:01 PM Brooklyn, NY

I am very impressed at the quality, features, and function.

I just received my shovel an I must say I am very impressed at the quality, features, and function. The first thing I noticed was the quality case it was in. Then the shovel came out and I immediately noticed the quality of the parts. Light weight but very sturdy, The blades are sharp so and the cutting edge on the shovel is nothing to laugh at either. Very nice and I can't wait to get it outside and try it out. The only suggestion I have is MOLLE attachments on the case. Overall, I am very pleased and will be ordering a couple of more for my family members. Well Done!


Tim H

Yesterday at 5:31 PM Scottsdale, AZ

I'm very impressed!

I received the shovel tool and I'm very impressed with the engineering that has gone into the design. I am also impressed with the construction and weight. It Doesn't at all feel flimsy or cheaply made.


Tom B

Yesterday at 5:31 PM Scottsdale, AZ

Received it today and it is AWESOME!

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